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Feedbacks about Bellanor trips

On behalf of a lady's club I have sent a lot of questions and requests in a 6 month period concerning our Budapest trip. I have alwasy received fast answers- They are friendly and eager to help tour operators, in every way !! Considering a Budapest trip, one does not need to spend time searching for a travel planner. Bellanor provides everything so that customer should be satisfied !! Thanks for a great program in your beautiful city.

Sølvi about Budapest trip, April 2016.

Great hotel, great spa. We traveled directly to GERE cellar. This was special, very pleasant and interesting visit. Must be absolutelly kept ... The visit went straight into our hearts. Great wine and good information. It became a MEMORABLE trip.

Harald about Wine Trip to Villany, October 2015

We've enjoyed ourselves from the time we arrived and until we've left .... Next time we will have an extended sightseeing tour - with the clever guide :-)

Dorid about Budapest Wine Trip, September 2015

It seems, that we have received very good support from we've booked our trip until we got back home. Great that Emoke was at the hotel when we have arrived. We are going to recommend you to our friends!

Kari about Budapest program, August 2015

We felt that we were taken such good care of from the very beginning that we have set foot on Hungarian soil.

Wenche about Budapest program, in May 2015

Mail back and forth with questions and answers were very good. I1ve got fast answers to my questions, the proposed plan was good. You have delivered a top notch job, we're just happy:-)

Brit about Girls trip to Budapest package, april 2015

We were pleased with everything. Just small things, but it has what kind of expectations they have and interests. Local people were incredibly nice, good food in the city, beautiful buildings, beautiful surroundings and fantastic shopping center. And all the information that you had ready for us was super! Detailed and well planned! Wonderful job you have done for us on this journey, so many thanks :)))

Vivien about Romantic Spa trip to Budapest, March 2015

We had it so incredibly good in Budapest! I have talked with the girls and we put 10 on all your questions! The scheme could not in any way been better! We felt very well taken care of and everything worked super. This is a trip we will commence remember loooong time! Ylva about Jentetur to Budapest, February 2015

Ylva about Jentetur to Budapest, February 2015

It seems that everything was very good. It was very nice to be able to go on vacation without having to think about fixing everything yourself. We had a great trip!

Killa about Romantic spa trip to Budapest, February 2015

"We were very pleased with the arrangements of Bellanor and have already recommended you to others . We think that Emoke was very sweet and attentive throughout the entire process."

Sidsel about "City trip to Budapest" package, April 2013

"We have had superb days and again thank you for a wonderful welcome service and a nice presentation. Greeting us 4 :-)"

Kari about "Girls getaway to Budapest" package, April 2013

"Hello, Thanks for a wonderful stay in Budapest and for a good service we have received! We  very happy with everything :) The hotel was super both in terms of service and location! Sightseeing tour on the Danube was very plesant and we got an overview of many beautiful buildings. Spa treatments we got was delicious and we felt like princesses :) Tasting cakes at New York Cafe was completely overwhelming and we have got eaten a loooooooooot of cakes (we have choosen a plate with 5-6 pieces each). We have also tried a couple of restaurants what you have recommended (Spoon and Cyrano) and we were very satisfied with both of these ... So we have completely enjoyed our stay in this town and we both want to return  sometime."

Line about "City trip to Budapest" package, February 2013

”Hi! Thanks for the great days in beautiful Budapest. We had an unbelievably nice Christmas tour and we’d love to come back! We would also like to say thank you for the good service – we met kindness everywhere.”

May Britt about the Christmas package, December 2012

“Thank you very much for the great tour ♥. Very good program, great personal service, great saloon, good hotel, beautiful city. We recommend it strongly. The Christmas market on its own is already worth it, but together with what Bellanor offers it’s really worth the money. We’ll be back!”

Tatjana about “Relax and Shine” package, November 2012

“It is great to be met at the airport. We were really satisfied with the location of the hotel and meeting you from Bellanor. It was great with the tips we got and that we could always call you if needed. In our club we discussed where we could travel in three years’ time. There were several places that were named, but maybe we’ll end up in Budapest and with Bellanor again. We will definitely recommend you to others.”

Kjellrun about the Special offer package, November 2012

“I am very glad that we chose your company. You were very nice, and everything was arranged in the best way for us. We would be glad to return!”

Brit about Bellanor Budapest Program, October 2012

“We are very satisfied with our stay in Budapest, and we’ll surely return… We’ll recommend Bellanor to other ladies who are planning to travel to Budapest!”

Elin about the “Relax in Budapest” package, October 2012

“We are very satisfied with our Budapest-tour!!! You met us in a friendly and personal way and we felt welcome. The program that was put together for us was the way we wanted it to be. And everything went according to the program. We would recommend Bellanor to others who want to travel to Budapest.”

Emly about the “Relax in Budapest” package, October 2012

” Hi, I only wanted to thank you for the service we received from you in Budapest. The guide was top and we were together with her for two hours on our own which was fantastic. The fish pedicure was also fun, and the spa was great. Very good treatment – fantastic place and service. And on top of all this we had Sushi lunch with white wine. We will recommend you to others who are planning to travel to beautiful Budapest. We’ll be back!”

Else-Mari about the Budapest tour, September 2012

“… Very good. We are not so much used to travelling – and the follow-up of Bellanor gave us a good feeling of being secure. This was an experience that I can much recommend to others.”

Anne about “Relax and Shine” special offer, August 2012

”Yes, we had a great tour! Great hotel, warm and good weather, beautiful city… I read about Bellanor/Budapest/spa in Norsk ukeblad (as far as I remember) and tried to find it afterwards on the Internet. We experienced good service throughout our stay actually already from before the tour started and during our stay!... Both the assistance and the services provided by Bellanor get 10+. We will return as guests and take our friends with us!”

Jorun about the Budapest tour, June 2012

"I just would like to provide feedback to you about the trip you have arranged for us. I speak for all of us seven girls. It was  a program which made us feel that we have just got what we needed in Budapest. Continue with these arrangements! I have already recommended you and have given your address to someone who's going to Budapest in the autumn. THANKS for a great trip and we wish you a good summer."

Britt about the" Female Days in Budapest "package, May 2012

"We were so well taken care of, we could not have been better. Thanks for the great service."

Doris about the "Look better from top to toe" package, April 2012

"Thanks for an awesome program, we had a great time and have already recommended you to friends! ... We liked everything, day-spa was amazing ... Bellanor assistance was great, nice and personal attention."

Ane about "Relax with Bellanor "package, April 2012

"This has been the best holiday ever, even better than we have expected! Transportation, hotel, program and last but not least, the arrangement for opera tickets, dance experience and school visit!  Amazingly, at such a short notice :) Budapest is a pleasant city with lots of nice people. We are very happy and spread the word to everyone we know. Thank you once more!"

Torunn and Randi about " Female Days in Budapest "package, February 2012

"We liked everything! Body massage, guided city tour, fish- pedicure, manicure and visit to the thermal bath was great ..... Keep up the good work, you provide good service . The follow-up throughout our program was  great."

Andre about the "Relax with Bellanor " program, January 2012

"I was very satisfied with the service! It was a great program which I warmly recommend!

Reidun about the "Christmass offer", December, 2011

"I liked all of the programs. It was a good composition. You've made ​​a very good concept with a personal and friendly service. I will definitely recommend it to others!

Inger about the "Relax with Bellanor" program, November, 2011

I just would like to write you shortly thanking you for your assistance in our program! It was very successful and we have received good feedbacks from our friends/guests.

Øivind about Bellanor’s assistance in hotel booking and in arranging a birthday party program, November 2011

"This was fantastic! All the girls are super happy!"

Lene about the spa treatments, October, 2011

"Many thanks to Emöke and her colleagues! We were taken good care of in Budapest! Great program and super service! :-)"

Torunn about "Relax with Bellanor" program, October, 2011