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Spa and hunting in Hungary

The Spa-and Hunting package is a completely unique program which addresses couples. The idea is that spa and hunting are two areas, which can be reached in very high quality and at reasonable prices in Hungary. Hunting has a long tradition in Scandinavia In addition, it is possible to hunt animals in Hungary which are not native in Scandinavia.

The offer:
Would you like to please your wife a little extra? Invite her on a hunting trip to Budapest. She hunts beauty and wellness – you hunt wild boar!
Many hunters feel that their wives do not like that they hunt most of the fall every year. Now, all hunters have a great opportunity to improve on this!
We have developed a special Spa and Hunting package that fits perfectly to please both spouses. This is an exclusive trip that will be offered only 10-12 times pr. year and we can only host 8 couples each time. Normally, the trips are organized from Thursday to Sunday.

The program:
When the couples arrive at the airport in Budapest, the ladies are taken care of by the Bellanor girls and the men are transported by minibus to one of the best hunting areas in Europe, just 1.5 hours drive from the airport. The hunters are staying in a nice old hunting house and a drive hunting for wild boar is organized. On Saturday the hunters are transported to Budapest where they meet their wifes again and a nice common dinner is organized in the evening. The couples stay together in the hotel the following night and travel back home on Sunday.

During the hunting, the women are getting the normal „Bellanor services”. They enjoy a day in en exclusive day-spa saloon with pampering treatments and have other possibilities for other treatments. Hopefully the hunters will return home with happier and more beautiful wifes.

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