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Cave tours under Budapest

Are you open for a new challenge? Check what Budapest has to offer under the ground!

Budapest is famous worldwide for its hot springs, but did you know that the hot thermal water also has formed a large cave system under the capital? The system is estimated to be 120 km long and consists of 9 strictly preserved caves. Now it is possible to take an exciting tour under Budapest!
You can choose a tour that suits your ambitions. The easiest routes are suitable for beginners who prefer a relaxing walk on the rebuilt walkways.
The bravest who want a real adventure can find very challenging routes where walls must be climbed, narrow passages have to crawl through. The hardest routes recommended only for the bravest. These are experiences you usually only see at the cinema and it is hard to believe that you can participate yourself.
All tours are led by professional cave guides and all necessary equipment is provided.
If you choose one of these cave tours, you will have a unique experience with a special atmosphere and amazing stalactite formations. This is really worth experiencing!
Prisene er avhengige av lengden på turen og vilket program som velges og det koster mellom 130-180 NOK pr. person.

If you want to do something unusual while you are in Budapest (and you do not have claustrophobia), try Budapest Caving. Please contact us and we customize a special tour for you!

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