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Adventure park – an adrenaline pulsing adventure outdoors!

Do you know what this year’s most popular activity is in Budapest? Would you try to climb the trees on the cable about 15 meters above the ground? If the answer is yes, your place the so-called climbing park which is an open air adventure park. If you are tough enough and mature, do not avoid this opportunity!

It is an active and great outdoor experience with friends. In the climbing park there are various obstacles ranging from very easy to extremely difficult. You can start with simple tasks and then going for the more complex challenges. There are some tracks where it is possible to compete with each other so Ready! Steady! Go!
You overcome challange by challange so you can feel like Tarzan in the virgin forest. However, if you would not do it because of fear of heights, you can cheer and take funny pictures of the adventure. Before the beginning of the pleasure you get some instruction in how to use rope ladders. Moreover, you get climbing gear and helmet so you can feel safe. Then you can climb right to the top of a tree, and the challenges begin. It’s an amazing experience to slip on a long “slip path” down. You may be miles outside your comfort zone. You have 3 hours for you to defeat all obstacles.
In adventure park you can also try activities like playing paintball, rock climbing wall and walk on wobbly suspension bridges, get out of a labyrint and much more. It is special that you can climb the rope ladders at night too.
All are invited on an adrenaline pulsing journey. Here’s a chance to stretch their own boundaries maximum.

Have an extreme day!