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Thermal bath – wellness and healing

Get your bathing suit!

There are more than a 1000 well-known hot springs in Hungary, of which 118 are in Budapest. The water is 30 degrees Celsius or higher in all of the baths.
During a several hours long thermal bath program you can really recharge your body’s batteries. You can choose between several outdoors and indoors thermal pools with naturally warm water (21-37 Celsius degrees), humidity cabins, bathing cabins or bubble baths.
In addition to the comfort and relaxation offered by the thermal baths, using their waters also has various health benefits. It has been medically proved that the high mineral content of the water can help against different health issues. These include, but are not limited to muscle pains, respiratory ailments, gynecological and respiration problems, and digestive difficulties. A visit to a thermal bath is obligatory for any visitor!

SZECHENYI – The thermal bath that provides a wonderful experience and a healthy life

Széchenyi thermal bath is a ”must” for all those who visit Budapest. It is one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe with both outdoor and indoor pools, 11 medical pools, aroma cabins and several types of sauna (light, dry and wet). The steaming pools outside create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the winter, while people playing chess in the water belong to the image during the summer.

This fascinating building is the first thermal bath in new Renaissance style in Pest. As a part of the program you can get a 60-minutes body treatment at the ambient Thai saloon of the bath.

GELLERT – For exclusive customers with exclusive services.

If you’ve already seen a brochure about Budapest, you’ve probably seen an amazing photo of a swimming pool with fine columns. Yes, this is that special thermal bath, Gellert, at the foot of Gellért Hill with glorious views over the Danube. There are descriptions of its natural springs already from the 15th century. It features outdoor and indoor pools with hot water and an original wave machine from 1927 that still works. The nearly century-old Art Nouveau building is decorated with mosaics, marble columns and sculptures.

RUDAS – Turkish if you want it.



Would you like to try an original 500 year old Turkish bath? Then this is the best choice. From 1936 only males could use the bathroom, but in 2005, after renovation, it was also opened to women. The spring providing thermal water for this bath has a special regenerating and anti-stress effect. Budapest Municipality invests 1 billion forints in 2014 to renovate the spa and make it more comfortable. They create a new “adventure spa area” where everyone will have an amazing panorama over the world heritage – the Danube Promenade.


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