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Wine tasting

Become familiar with some of the best wines from Hungary!

Wine tasting can be one of the highlights during your stay in Hungary. Wine tasting has been one of the most popular programs among tourists in Hungary for many years. This is not just wine tasting, but also provides a more complete experience: You become familiar with the Hungarian wines, superb vineyards / wineries and you get a lot of useful information from the cellar masters / sommeliers. And not the least, you can taste excellent wines and relax.

Wine tasting and vineyard visits proposals:

Hungary has 22 wine regions. Today it is not only the popular Tokaji dessert wine known in the world. The Hungarian grape farmers are gaining more and more international awards for its wines. One example is that Sauske 2009 Cuvee was the wine winner in its category from the Decanter World Wine Awards in London. In Brussels (2010) on the “Monde selecion International” got 21 Hungarian wines medals. The “Challenge International du Vin” in Hungarian red wines Bordeaux has won every year in recent times.
Unfortunately you can not visit all the wine sector in Hungary and taste all the wines on a tour, but we have made some suggestions for wine tasting programs. Please find them below:


vinsmakingThis program is held in the center, in a very cozy place. This popular spot offers products from the best Hungarian wine districts. During the program, you get to taste 6 different fine wines and you get Hungarian accessory and not the least, you get to know Hungarian wines, wineries, producers and wine culture. The venue also serves a variety of tasty local fruit liquors, called ‘Palinka’. The program can be a good start on a proper night program, but can also be carried out during the day.

It is also possible to have “wine dinners” in the same place. Experts have put together a 4 course dinner with 4 very good quality wines to suit the dishes.



More and more Europeans have experienced a wonderful trip to a Hungarian vineyard near Budapest. The tour begins with a visit to the wine cellar where you get a good briefing about wine production on the farm and in the region. Try 6 quality wines with homemade Hungarian snaks or enjoy a tasty lunch / dinner !

WINE TASTING AND VISIT Wine Museum in Szentendre

Bellanor offers a great tour to the charming art town, Szentendre where you can visit the National Wine Museum. With help from a cellar master / sommeliere you can taste the best Hungarian wines with snacks. After the tour through the Hungarian winehistory, you can have a wonderful lunch / dinner at the Wine Museum and continued to drink wine. The town itself is worth a visit, not far from Budapest, but far away from the big city bustle. Wine tasting in an old wine cellar with a closing Hungarian dinner puts an end to an enjoyable experience.